Experiential learning works. Our workshops build necessary skills, increase retention and enhance performance in all aspects of business.

We’ve been teaching people how to work better together for 10 years. The techniques we use on our comedy stage translate dynamically to the business stage. The ability for your team members, management and executives to listen, innovate, and make quick decisions is essential for any organization to survive. Our techniques teach your people to be dynamic, flexible and creative, helping your organization to thrive.

We can work with you for short periods of time, half a day or a full day, or over longer periods of time, integrating our training methods and techniques into your organizations professional development programs.

We deliver a memorable, interactive workshop experience that will not only educate your staff and team members, but will leave a lasting impression. All of our workshops are customized to fit your organization’s specific needs or focus. Some of those focus areas might include…


This is the core of what we do as improvisers. We break down the communication model into exercises where you build your skills in declaring your point of view, active listening, sharing focus, and accepting each others ideas. Communication is more than just talking. It requires focus, good listening skills, and a willingness to “speak your mind.”

Change Management

The first thing we will “change” is your perception. We will use improvisational exercises to show your group how embracing the benefit of change is a necessity of growth. Today’s workplace is in a rapid state of change. Preparing ourselves for constant change can mean a change in attitude.


Being a leader means knowing when to lead and when to listen to your staff, or in other words, when to follow. Getting the most from your fellow improvisers is a trademark of any great performer. We will train your group of leaders on how to create an environment where they can maximize the potential of those they lead.


Building a successful team requires time and work. Improvisation is an ensemble activity where we rely on everyone’s input. We will show you how the elements of a well-performed scene can be applied to your team-building efforts.

Diversity Training

We will lead you through disarmingly simple and fun, yet powerful, improvisational group exercises, promoting the value and acceptance of all types and styles of creative contribution. As our world gets smaller, embracing differences is becoming key to successful businesses. Learning to capitalize on employees’ unique qualities, backgrounds, and points of view takes an open mind and implementation of the following concepts. Yet once implemented, they can lead to new directions and unique solutions never before considered.

Presentation and Sales

Creativity in presentations and sales is a difficult subject to address. Improvisation training will provide you with alternatives to PowerPoint, hand-outs, lectures, and other presentation methods. Improvisation is a fresh aide to business practices, it physically involves the staff and encourages their participation, and it is fun.