Anyone can learn to write great comedy. Our Sketch Comedy Writing Program focuses on helping you find your comedic voice, rather than dictating to you what kind of scenes to write.

Our program is geared towards anybody with an interest in writing comedy for the stage or screen. We get to the root of what makes comedy work and set you up with the tools to move torward a career in entertainment. The program has a strong focus on writing, requiring no previous improv or writing experience.

We’ll show you how to develop ideas and utilize the “game of the scene” technique to writing sketch that really gets to the heart of what makes comedy work. The program is designed to be open and accessible to people interested in writing sketch comedy who may have no interest in performing. The program will also help improvisers translate their onstage, spontaneous scene-writing skills to the written page.

Our writing room provides a structured environment where you can learn the craft of sketch comedy writing, develop your ideas in a constructive and critical environment, and produce work to help build your portfolio.

Make The Most of Your Classes

  1. Get to class on time, every time.
  2. Listen to your teacher, bring a notebook and take notes.
  3. Listen to your classmates on stage.
  4. Gossip only during the breaks.
  5. Watch improv shows on other nights, but don’t expect them to follow the same guidelines that you’re being taught.
  6. Turn off your cell phone.
  7. You’re paying for this… so don’t waste it.

Any questions? View our FAQ.