Live entertainment provided by our team of comedians is a great way to bring your organization’s event or meeting to life with a hilarious, memorable experience. We can provide entertainment for any one of your corporate functions and can even customize shows to your company, industry or audience. You can even combine our shows with one of our training workshops.

Deliver your message to your customers, staff or shareholders in a fresh, entertaining performance. Provide your audience with a hilarious, memorable show that they’ll be talking about around the water cooler for months and years to come. Comedy helps your audience retain and recall your message. An interactive, entertaining show will spice up any organizational event through our brand of live messaging.

Customized Sketch Comedy Show

Our customized sketch comedy shows can help deliver your organization’s important messages in a way that is both memorable and entertaining. We can create custom written shows and event intersticials for sales conferences, trade shows, awards shows and other internal business efforts. With a focus on your needs, we present a completely unique comedy show for your message, your organization, and your audience.

We can present a customized show featuring improv, comedy sketches from our archive and new sketches written specifically for your company’s event or meeting. We can pepper your event with scenes between speakers, awards, presentations, through live sketch comedy performance or custom written and produced video segments.