teaches improv comedy performance and sketch comedy writing classes. Our classes can help anyone learn the skills of comedy and writing, regardless of experience.

Many of our students are experienced performers who come to us to hone their craft after studying at other training centres. A number of them have attended our training centre to supplement their education in Humber College’s Comedy Writing and Performance Program; they choose us for our reputation as the place to study improv in Toronto.

training centre is dedicated the study of longform improv comedy, beyond standard comedy games and scenework. Our improv workshops challenge our students to discover the best within themselves.

Our workshops focus on teaching students “what they can do” rather than “what they should not do.” Our approach is concept-based, rather than rules-based. Perfect for experienced improvisers, aspiring actors and Average Joes and Janes like yourself just venturing into the world of improv comedy.

Improv Comedy Program

We teach a style of improv that takes a single audience suggestion and builds out a whole show from it, layered with thematic exploration and hilarious, gut-grinding comedy. Our Improv Comedy program teaches you the essence of the art of comedy in a way that will make your scenework explode.

Sketch Comedy Writing Program

Based on the techniques taught in our improv program, anyone can come into our Sketch Comedy writing program and begin to write great comedy. Our program is geared towards anybody with an interest in writing comedy for the stage or screen. We get to the root of what makes comedy work and set you up with the tools to move torward a career in entertainment.

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