Our unique approach to teaching improv is unlike that of any other training centre in the city.

Course Questions

I have experience. Do I have to start in IMPROV 101?

Yes. We have devotedĀ a whole section to explain this answer in-depth.

Can I audit a class?

No, classes cannot be audited. Improv is a practical craft that must be studied through participation. Also, students work together to develop trust, ensemble and group mind. Having outside people watch while others are working will affect the group’s comfort level.

When and how often do classes meet?

Classes are usually three hours per week for eight weeks (24 hours of class time). Some special classes meet for shorter or longer periods of time. However, unless otherwise indicated on a class page, you can safely assume classes meet for three hours per week starting at the posted start time.

Where are your classes held?

Our workshops are held at various locations throughout Toronto. One class may be held at a different location than the next, but we try to keep all the workshops in one location as best as we can. To find out where each level is being held during a session, contact us at 416-238-7337 in Toronto.

General Questions

What does the teach?

Our Improvisation series covers scenic improv, longform improv performance, character, and more. Emphasis is placed on empowering the individual improviser, the game of the scene, and developing connections through thematic subtext.

What is your teaching philosophy?

Many improvisers have a lot of bad habits. Bad habits spread like a virus. Our approach is very demanding of the student. We tell you what you need to know in order to improve, with no sugar coating. Otherwise, there is little or no growth for the performer. We would rather not waste your time or money.

Why should I study with you and not with anyone else?

You shouldn’t. While we have our own style and approach to improv, we recommend learning the different styles the different training centres teach to find what style works best for you. We are the best at what we do, but what we do might not be what you’re looking for.